beepbeep shuffle an album'sworth of last night rests between our tongues and teeth, tell me sinfully how to get clean, wondrous alibis for being seen. gobble gallons of this grand gullibility, all is crushed in trust. columns of voluptuousness. fancy glancing between the knees. the wishing white stone mystery. help, she thinks but her lips just smile. invites the evening up to her room for a while...

I tied my heart to the heart of a poet.

I kept this in my inbox so long, now it’s the last thing and tumblr thretens to delete it, I wont let them tho : P


When I touch my girl’s skin I feel ecstasy well up within me. I move over her body to find the place and the way to touch that makes both her and I feel these ripples of pleasure move through us simultaneously. I am sure you know this feeling, but if not it’s like the ripples that run up your spine when you hear an amazing song for the first time, or perhaps move through other parts of you, in other ways, like when you are scared. It kind of wakes up your mind and your field of perception is suddenly deeper, vaster and the world comes alive.

If I can find this crossroads between our skin and the union of our mutual ecstasy and follow it, let it lead me and therefore us, which is often evidenced by movements and sounds but more so be this electric feeling running through my/our bodies; a feedback loop is created and a cascade of pleasure is available which pushes us further and further into these fields of erotic play.

Neither of us know where we are going after this point, so it’s always an adventure into the unknown, like we’re surfing a wave, we just have to stay on that point of confluence between us and our maximum mutual pleasure.

Importantly I think, our fears are at a minimum because we are safe and trust one another and because there is a direction to this energy. It is not selfish, if it was the dynamic would be different, the strength and intensity is dependent upon it’s mutuality, upon both of us being healthier in our relationship and as individuals once this fire returns embers.

With a little experience this ecstasy can become true Ekstasis. Dionysian self-abandon, tantric awakening, yogic enlightenment, visionary realization and other altered state stuff, which is to me the heart of Eros.

This literally makes me want to throw up, I can’t even look at the picture directly.

This literally makes me want to throw up, I can’t even look at the picture directly.

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Machine Gun Fellatio - What The Fuck


Plot twist: Stacey’s grandma has got it going on. 

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All-time gif award


All-time gif award

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I sit before flowers
hoping they will train me in the art
of opening up
— The Student, Shane Koyczan (via sulkingsouls)

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*standing slow clap* Whoever you are, may you never lose this ability to cut through Belief Systems and connect authentically with your Self, despite mass consciousness. And please give your parents a high five from me - well done, all around.

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